For uncommon experiences, an alternative to 'typical' travel clothes.

Travel Style for Men

A combination of high performance & upscale style, so that you look and feel at ease as your journey transitions from personal to professional; day to night; hot to cold; wet to dry.

Style for the explorer that knows the best adventures are unplanned and can happen anywhere. Maybe after the sun goes down in the city instead of the country; in a restaurant instead of on the trail.


From a very early age, boys build things and then break them. Forts, tree houses & sand castles. They experiment with materials and construction. Guided by the principles of durability and efficiency, they learn how to make things that withstand harsh weather; the corrosiveness of time; and other kids in the neighborhood. It becomes a point of pride to create something strong.

From these experiences, men learn to determine quality by feel. Men’s hands and fingers tell them the real worth of an object.

When was the last time you touched a shirt and felt like the quality justified the price tag?


Our 100% Merino fabric is featherweight at 130 gsm because most woven Merino on the market is a bit heavy which limits the comfortable temperature range.

At this weight, our shirts are similar to most cotton dress shirts which expands the effectiveness in transitioning macro and micro climates.

As added convenience, it is machine washable. 

Merino wool is unbeatable for combining style and performance.

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Libertad Merino Dress Shirt
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