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Libertad Travel Shirt Kickstarter Reviews

This video review is by Antonio Centeno, creator of the US's largest menswear website. In a related article, he offers 13 Tips For Finding the Perfect Travel Shirt.  

Video review of the Libertad travel shirt

Although Libertad is more of a dress shirt than an outdoor sports shirt, no one knows Merino better than the crew at GearJunkie. They see a lot of Merino products and have earned the trust of their readers with honest assessments of each product's pros & cons.

GearJunkie review of the Libertad Merino travel shirt

The editor at SmarterTravel wore the shirt on a trans Atlantic flight immediately followed by a 4-hr city tour. Click here to read the verdict.

SmarterTravel review of the Libertad Merino travel shirt

The author of Nomadic Notes is a respected road warrior with a loyal following. Here's his review.

Nomadic Notes review of the merino travel shirt by Libertad

Redditors have a lot of experience with a wide range of travel products, so they tend to have educated opinions. Click here for the forum reaction to the blog post "The Greatest Shirt Ever Made?"

Reddit review of the Libertad travel shirt.


Nomadic poker player Faraz Jaka tested the navy blue travel shirt. WPT Poker Player of the Year, Faraz Jaka via Twitter, "Rocking my @LibertadApparel shirt. Amazing for travelers, can be worn for days w/o wrinkle/smell." 

I've spent a lot of money on performance dress shirts from various brands. As a frequent Dorie has tried all the performance dress shirts and Libertad's Merino travel version is her favoritebusiness traveler, I'm constantly looking for shirts that will travel well. But, most of them wrinkle easily and require frequent dry cleaning to stay looking good on the road. When I got the free test shirt from Libertad, I wasn't sure how it would stack up. But after wearing it repeatedly, I was impressed at how good it looked - and how long it stayed fresh and functional. I was so impressed, I decided to back the Kickstarter campaign and buy two more shirts, because I always need versatile dress shirt options. Libertad has quickly become the go-to clothing option for me! ~Dorie Clark, Author, Stand Out


Jordan travels in Libertad for the durability, comfort, odor & wrinkle resistance.


"They’re super comfortable and they don’t smell, even after a few days. They also look great and are durable. I’ve really been abusing them and they still look like new." ~Jordan Harbinger, Host, The Art of Charm

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