No more plaid and khaki!

Stop sacrificing style for performance. Wool is the all-natural performance fiber. Now you can combine the efficiency of sportswear with the upscale style that you want to project.

Don’t be the smelly one on the plane.

Odorless? Cant be true, right? One of nature’s best kept secrets is that Merino wool doesn’t give odor causing bacteria a chance to grow. No chemical treatments necessary. If you watched the demo video at the top of the page, you saw that each of our 3 testers wore the shirt in a tropical climate for 5 days straight. No body odor!

Look fresh around the clock with wool's natural wrinkle resistance.

Merino wool fiber resists wrinkling on a microscopic level. Libertad’s proprietary fabric wrinkles far less than cotton and will keep you looking sharp as you move from office hours to after hours; and from the airport to the hotel.