Upscale Merino Travel Shirts

Look & feel your best next time you travel.


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Libertad Travel Shirt Review
Libertad Merino Travel Shirt Review from Real Men Real Style
Libertad Merino Shirt Review

No one wants to look like a tourist when they travel.

Typical tourist attire makes us stick out in a bad way. On the other hand, always looking sharp leads to the right kind of attention. From fine restaurants to meeting new people, dressing well opens more doors to attractive possibilities.

And who doesn't hope for unexpected adventures when they are away from home?

It's why we travel.

(Click PLAY on our Kickstarter video to the right to see exactly what we mean.)

But, there aren't many style options for travel clothing  

Merino for all your travel transitions. Professional to personal and day to night.

The Dilemma

Nice and stylish clothes can't handle the rigors of travel. They get damaged easily, wrinkle and collect odors.

On the flipside...

Clothes that are built for travel (i.e. zippers & cargo pockets) make you look like you're hunting big game in the middle of London.

Until Now: Libertad Is Travel Clothing Redefined

The solution to this dilemma is obvious.

Style + Performance​

Look your best and feel comfortable while managing the demands of travel.

Libertad travel shirts are:

  • Odor Resistant
  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • Breathable
  • Temperature Regulating
Merino dress shirts. Dress it up, or dress it down.

How Is This Possible?

Wrinkle resistant. Odor resistant. Breathable. UV protection.

The answer is: Merino wool

Professional athletes use it to modulate temperature and manage moisture. Outdoorsmen swear by its odor resistance since it never stinks!

​New technology

This is not the hot, heavy & itchy wool of the past. New technology has allowed us to create​ a featherweight 130 gsm, 100% Merino fabric that is about the same weight as most cotton dress shirts.

Merino outperforms cotton, polyester & nylon

From style to climate, here's how Libertad Merino manages your travel transitions.

Professional to Personal

Classic style with a modern edge transitions easily from work to play. Put a blazer on for business and roll the sleeves up for after hours. 100% Merino is natural, so it drapes on the body different than synthetics creating a refined look.

Day to Night

From the markets of Marrakesh to the streets of New York, the natural odor resistance will never stink. Go all day and never have to change in the hotel.

Hot to Cold

Merino wool provides a personal climate control system to regulate the micro climate next to your skin. The microscopic air pockets keep you cool when it's hot and warm when it's not!

Wet to Dry

Merino wool fibers can absorb large quantities of moisture vapor and then transfer it through evaporation into the air, keeping the skin fresher and drier for a longer time.

Put to the test by travelers like you

Our three volunteer testers wore their shirts for 5 days in the heat & humidity of Southeast Asia.

More prototype testers

I travel for a living and Libertad is the first Merino shirt I’ve owned. It’s a game changer. I even wore it when I proposed to my girlfriend at the Eiffel Tower!

Benny Lewis National Geographic Traveler of the Year
Derek Sivers Founder, CD Baby
TED Speaker

I wore it to a few conferences, and got a bunch of compliments on it. So, when he announced he was taking orders, I was thrilled to buy two more of the same cut, different color. I didn't even ask the price.

They’re super comfortable and they don’t smell, even after a few days. They also look great and are durable. I’ve really been abusing them and they still look like new.

Jordan Harbinger Host, The Art of Charm
Dorie Clark Author, Stand Out

I've spent a lot of money on performance dress shirts from various brands. As a frequent business traveler, I'm constantly looking for shirts that will travel well. But, most of them wrinkle easily and require frequent dry cleaning to stay looking good on the road. When I got the free test shirt from Libertad, I wasn't sure how it would stack up. But after wearing it repeatedly, I was impressed at how good it looked - and how long it stayed fresh and functional. I was so impressed, I decided to back the Kickstarter campaign and buy two more shirts, because I always need versatile dress shirt options. Libertad has quickly become the go-to clothing option for me!

via Twitter, "Rocking my @LibertadApparel shirt. Amazing for travelers, can be worn for days w/o wrinkle/smell."

Faraz Jaka WPT Poker Player of the Year
Henry Phillips Actor, Writer, Comedian
Punching the Clown

I do 3 shows per week and I used to have to pack a shirt for every performance. Now, I just need one. When you're not famous, it's extra important to look good and be odor free at all times.

Travel is rough. Make it look easy.