Short Sleeve Merino Travel Shirt

  • The short sleeve is a classy T-shirt alternative.

    We spend as much time as possible near the sea where t-shirts are great, but fall short on style in certain situations. They just don’t go everywhere. Not to mention that cotton T’s gets heavy and sticky in the salty air.

    The Merino short-sleeve solves these issues with sartorial versatility and nature’s unrivaled moisture management.

    Style Options

    T-shirts give you one option whereas the short sleeve gives you as many looks as there are buttons. Undo the buttons for lounging by the pool, or for a stroll on the beach. Button up for trips to the bar/restaurant.

    Seaside Performance

    Say goodbye to sticky skin from the salty water and humid air. As it blows in the breeze, it laps up all those undesirable molecules so you can comfortably enjoy the sun, sand & water without the elements getting the best of you.

    Throw it onto the sand if you head for the waves. Most of the wrinkles will fall out as you head back to the bar/restaurant.

Size Guide

Short Sleeve Merino Travel Shirt Size Guide

Italian Navy
Parisian Blue
Sharkskin Gray
Wine Red

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