Double Chest Pocket Merino Travel Shirt

    • More utility balanced with understated design.


      Designed to be a very smart, casual shirt that adds functionality without overdoing it. Effortless style indicative of taste.


      All the benefits of 100% Merino with an extra set of pockets (inner & outer on both sides) for increased convenience, comfort & security. Perfect for travelers that find storage in pants pockets to be inconvenient and uncomfortable.


      Our exclusive, lightweight, 100% Merino construction made to expand the applicable temperature range necessary to manage macro/micro climate changes. (Learn more under the “Details” tab.)

Size Guide

Double Chest Pocket Merino Travel Shirt Size Guide

Double Chest Pocket Merino Travel Shirt with two hidden pockets
Italian Navy
Parisian Blue
Sharkskin Gray
Wine Red

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Merino Business Travel Shirt Size Guide