Double Chest Pockets

Size Guide
    • More utility balanced with understated elegance.

      The dual hidden, interior pockets mean you can empty your pant pockets when driving or flying for maximum comfort.

      As with all things Libertad, not an ounce of style was sacrificed for increased efficiency.

Italian Navy
Parisian Blue
Sharkskin Gray

Merino solves
six problems

01 Pack Lighter

02 Odor-free

03 Wrinkle-resistant

04 Moisture control

05 Thermoregulating

06 UV resistant

Libertad solves one

Upscale Merino. Sleek & smooth. Wool that doesn’t look like wool. Performance that doesn’t look like performance.

Thousands of customers worldwide since 2015

The Libertad Difference.

We made it lighter

Libertad can be worn in a wider temperature range. You can layer a light shirt to be warmer in the cold, but you can’t make a heavy wool shirt cooler.

We made it smoother

We buzzed the woolly fuzz for a 21st Century face lift - Wool that doesn’t look like wool!

We made it firmer

Untamed Merino is so soft it droops over the shoulders like pajamas. We spun it tighter to give it some backbone and a crisp appearance.

We made it dressier

You’ll never be underdressed with Libertad’s exclusive finish. Subtle & understated, it strikes the perfect balance of elegance without ostentation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
David Wallace
Great but need tall sizes

I've purchased two of the double-pocket shirts because they are slightly longer than the single pocket model. The fabric look, quality and weight is the best of the merino shirts I own. My sleeve length is 36.5 and while Classic L fits the sleeves are not long enough. A Tall version of the single pocket shirt in Classic L would be my preferred shirt if available. I own four Tall L shirts from another brand, and while the fabric weight is heavier and weave not as up-scale a Libertad, the shirt fit is perfect and the selection of solids, stripes and mini-checks provides more variety from which to select.


I know others have said it, but this shirt needs snaps. Other than that, this is a great addition to my wool wardrobe. I'm 5'9", 135 and wear they XS. If this were cotton, I would've had the sides taken in. But, I'm outdoors a lot and the little bit of extra room helps with wicking and overall comfort in the heat.

First impression

I heard a lot about this shirt, but have been waiting because it is so expensive (I think all Merino is way overpriced). I have to say that it impresses right out of the box. I'm 5'11" and on the thicker side. The classic fits nicely around my shoulders and chest. Overall clean look.

Shane W
Love the shirt, hate the packaging

I've ordered 7 of these shirts in various designs since the Kickstarter launch several years ago. I hated the plastic packaging in the beginning, but gave a pass to a new company. But, it's been a long time and wool is a sustainable product. It's a glaring mismatch to have petroleum based plastics for this material especially since the blog touts the sustainable, eco-friendly aspects of Merino. Do better!

Needs to be longer

Great material, great look, but it needs to be longer. I'm 6'3" wear an XL. I usually get away with wearing regular sizes instead of having to jump to the "tall" versions. This shirt technically works, but if I tuck it in the sides will come up from the waistband more than other brands. That said, the untucked look is a good one.

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