No Pocket

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  • This is the most upscale Merino shirt on the market. Just read the reviews!

    Never worry about being underdressed and looking like a tourist. Intentionally designed for dinner in Rome, business in London and any first class cabin.

    Free shipping & returns in the US.

Italian Navy
Parisian Blue
Sharkskin Gray

Merino solves
six problems

01 Pack Lighter

02 Odor-free

03 Wrinkle-resistant

04 Moisture control

05 Thermoregulating

06 UV resistant

Libertad solves one

Upscale Merino. Sleek & smooth. Wool that doesn’t look like wool. Performance that doesn’t look like performance.

Thousands of customers worldwide since 2015

The Libertad Difference.

We made it lighter

Libertad can be worn in a wider temperature range. You can layer a light shirt to be warmer in the cold, but you can’t make a heavy wool shirt cooler.

We made it smoother

We buzzed the woolly fuzz for a 21st Century face lift - Wool that doesn’t look like wool!

We made it firmer

Untamed Merino is so soft it droops over the shoulders like pajamas. We spun it tighter to give it some backbone and a crisp appearance.

We made it dressier

You’ll never be underdressed with Libertad’s exclusive finish. Subtle & understated, it strikes the perfect balance of elegance without ostentation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Merino Maniac

I've been cocooned in Merino sporting gear since the pandemic. Now that they've called us back to the office, it's nice to have this style as an option. This is definitely a shirt appropriate for wearing with a suit.

Great Shirt

I have all four colors. I prefer the no pocket. They go on every trip. I just hang to dry. I like I can wear cuff links. Ok, I'm older and always liked cuff links, but only when appropriate. I wish you offered white.

Classy Shirt

I just bought the Libertad modern fit, no pocket shirt in the Navy color and it feels and fits like a dream. The cut is perfect for my body’s frame and the merino wool fabric is both practical and classy. My only problem now is trying to decide if I should buy another Navy one – which is a dynamite color – or expand my palette and try another shade…maybe the light blue or the more formal black? I’ll let my wife decide. Bottom line: this shirt could be the best shirt I have ever owned.

John Elmuccio
Not a fan!

I've been in the apparel business for over 40 years - this material feels more like polyester than wool. Not a fan!

John, you work for our competition and did not disclose that openly in your review. You also changed your email address to AOL on this review to hide your company URL ( which was used on your order.

So, we will do it for you. Here is a link to your website and bio naming your clients that own companies in the Merino niche as well as larger companies that compete with us in travel wear.

Also, you are a fabric maker and potentially compete with us on that front on behalf of unnamed clients.

To keep the integrity of our reviews, all conflicts of interest and potential conflicts of interest must by acknowledged.

Sharp, Smart, Tough

This is a killer shirt. An excellent combination of comfort, function and style. The stitching and buttons appear solid and tight. The Modern fit is nicely tapered but not restrictive for my frame at 6'0, 185 lbs.Tucked in with a belt and jeans, or untucked with jeans, are both natural looks with this shirt. Lightweight and cooling yet not flimsy. This shirt will serve you out on the town, at an office, or maneuvering through city streets. I haven't hiked in but I would in cool weather. I'm very satisfied with my purchase. Full disclosure, 10% was offered on my purchase of the next shirt for this review, but that does not change my rating or enthusiasm for this versatile, styling shirt.

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