The Style + Performance Travel Shirt

  • Our lightweight fabric combined with a unique finish is specifically designed for all your travel transitions:

    • Professional to Personal
    • Day to Night
    • Hot to Cold
    • Wet to Dry

    The most refined looking travel shirt on the market will ensure you look and feel your best no matter how long your journey.

    Read what our customers are saying about the fabric below.

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Italian Navy
Parisian Blue
Wine Red

Customer Reviews

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Custom Merino fabric not available anywhere else

"...the major difference is that Libertad is using a finer grade of merino in their solid colors, making for a softer, smoother fabric."   ~Snarky Nomad (

We have one of the world’s top Merino experts on our team, so we weren't limited to what the factories had available as a standard offer. So, we conducted 5 trials to create 9 fabric constructions over 18 months to make the best woven Merino shirting specifically for a modern travel application.

Impressed Customers

The fabric is really marvellous, I’m very impressed...Please don’t ever scrimp on the quality of your fabric, even if times should get tight in the future.  What you’ve managed to develop is really something head and shoulders above what’s available anywhere else! The cutting and sewing also seems to be very good. ~Rob F.

In today’s marketplace products are rushed to market, and “good enough” is the standard. Similarly, “satisfied customer” is the goal instead of “impressed customer.”

We have different expectations of ourselves and our products.

Elevate your travel now.

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