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  • Sometimes a long sleeve button up is too much and a t-shirt is too little. Keep your style quotient high at the beachside resort, cocktails at the club or museum hopping in Paris.

Italian Navy
Parisian Blue
Sharkskin Gray

Merino solves
six problems

01 Pack Lighter

02 Odor-free

03 Wrinkle-resistant

04 Moisture control

05 Thermoregulating

06 UV resistant

Libertad solves one

Upscale Merino. Sleek & smooth. Wool that doesn’t look like wool. Performance that doesn’t look like performance.

Thousands of customers worldwide since 2015

The Libertad Difference.

We made it lighter

Libertad can be worn in a wider temperature range. You can layer a light shirt to be warmer in the cold, but you can’t make a heavy wool shirt cooler.

We made it smoother

We buzzed the woolly fuzz for a 21st Century face lift - Wool that doesn’t look like wool!

We made it firmer

Untamed Merino is so soft it droops over the shoulders like pajamas. We spun it tighter to give it some backbone and a crisp appearance.

We made it dressier

You’ll never be underdressed with Libertad’s exclusive finish. Subtle & understated, it strikes the perfect balance of elegance without ostentation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
More colors

...been waiting over a year for more colors.

Purple coming right up :)

Skeptical of short sleeve button ups until now

I have five of the long sleeve versions and was hesitant about springing for a short sleeve. I NEVER can pull off a short sleeve button up; until now anyway... It fits perfectly and I'm ordering a second.

Great Shirts!

I first bought the long sleeve version in the modern fit size large (Italian Navy). I wore it in the evenings on a Spring 2018 trip to Italy and Spain, and it worked out great, except it was a bit tight in the chest (5'11", 210lbs) so I gave it to my son and ordered the Classic fit large (Italian Navy), which fits me perfectly--not too loose, not too tight. A few months later, I ordered the short sleeve version in the Classic fit. The fit was perfect--the same as the long sleeve classic. These shirts are a great way to "up" your casual or business casual look, and the short sleeve version is perfect for warmer days and evenings. It is my "go to" shirt for dining out. I highly recommend both versions of the shirt.

Life in the Corporate Jungle

Kyle likes to advertise his shirts as being fit for a terribly exciting lifestyle of jet setting around the globe and and relaxing in exotic locales. While it's good to know that Libertad can keep me looking sharp the next time I have a date with the Princess of Monaco or need to explore the heart of Africa, my concerns are a little more grounded. I mostly deal with the corporate jungle, which has different perils.

In that environment, these shirts will blend in. They're not particularly eye-catching, and although they fit well (I'm 6'4" / 230 and wear an XL Classic) no one will mistake them for being tailored. That's fine, camouflage can be an advantage. Where the merino starts to shine is in the endurance tests. 3 hour flight and all that was left is coach? Your spine may never be the same, but at least your shirt isn't rumpled. 8 hours into a client meeting and everyone is frazzled? Smile, roll up your sleeves (or maybe you boldly went short-sleeve) and get it done. As others fade you're still looking sharp and confident. Time to hit the bar to celebrate? While the rest go back and "freshen up", you're ready to roll and can scout the terrain or sweet talk that client one last time. All three of the above in one day? Been there, done that, have the shirts.

I have both the short sleeve and the long sleeve versions of these shirt and both are excellently constructed of the same superior material. All that's stopping me from buying more is the limited color palette.

HAHAHA...thanks, Chris. First new color coming in May. Hope you like it.

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